Atmospheric 3D Platformer


Dawn is a 3D platformer for Windows where players guide a druidic creature named Ash through a beautiful environment to bring life and light back to a dead tree at the center of the world. Players must use Ash's power to grow plants and activate objects to create paths through the environment.

Due to scheduling conflicts over the summer, I stepped back from leadership not only to ensure that my limited availability wouldn't impact the project, but also to explore new avenues as a developer. I decided to take on a lot of tasks I hadn't on previous teams to make myself more well-rounded and gain experience in other auxillary duties developers have.

  • Source: Closed Source
  • Date: December 2016
  • Team Size: 19
  • Languages and Technologies Used: Unreal Engine 4, C++, Windows CLI, Innosetup, Perforce, Git, Slack



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