Casual Reflex Arcade Game for iOS


Greebles is a casual reflex arcade game for iOS where players take the fate of the Greebles in their hands. The greebles are an adorable race of puffy critters who are being hunted by the Litchkin and other large monsters. Players must tap the greebles to save them before they fall into the gaping maw of a predator, and ultimately help the Greebles fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Working with Fractal Fox was my first professional experience as a game developer, and Greebles was my first shipped title. I've worked on a variety of the game's functionality, from dialog menus and tools development to various gameplay mechanics. Working with the team was also one of my first experiences working closely with people from other disciplines, and helped me to build and strengthen my cross-discipline communication.

  • Source: Closed Source
  • Date: December 2016
  • Team Size: 12
  • Languages and Technologies Used: C#, Unity, Visual Studio, Git


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