Multiplayer Twin-Stick Shooter Preparathon


AllStar is a multiplayer couch-competitive preparathon game where players build up spaceships to compete in a gauntlet of minigames. The game was created for my Master's Thesis, built from the ground up using my own homemade engine, written in C++ and using OpenGL for rendering.
The game has two phases, the Assembly phase and the Challenge phase. Players start in Assembly mode, where they are dropped into an open arena.

Players are given 5 minutes to roam around the arena and collect various pickups and equipment for their ships, fight AI enemies and players, and prepare for the unknown challenges upcoming Challenge Phase. Once the 5 minutes are up, players are thrown into a gauntlet of 3 random minigames, using their custom built ships to compete. Whoever wins the most points during the minigames will be crowned the winner!

  • Source: View on Github
  • Date: April 2017
  • Team Size: Solo
  • Languages and Technologies Used: C++, OpenGL



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